Library not showing in Sonic SE

I’ve just installed HALion Sonic SE and a Cinematique Instruments Library but when I open HALion it doesn’t show. I’ve tried searching for solutions but everything I’ve seen seems to suggest that once a library shows in the Steinberg Library Manager it will also show in HALion. This is not the case for me though.

Did you activate the license?

It will show in Library Manager but will not run or even show in Halion without the license.

I activated the license on HALion but there doesn’t seem to be a license for Cinematique Library.

Looking at the Library installation guide I think I’ve followed everything correctly. There is a YouTube video called ‘How to Install HALion Instruments | Cinematique Instruments’ but i’m still unsure.

You should have received an activation code or download access code when you bought this library.

You can download anything with the Download assistant but it will not work without valid license. Exception being some free libraries like Novel piano.

Yes you’re right. All sorted! Thank you

Unfortunately the activation code wasn’t labelled or explained in the email. And I don’t think the code was mentioned in their install video.