Library Of Non-traditional Directions


Does Dorico allow the user to build his-er own library of directions, apart from the traditional, accelerando, crescendo etc?

Some pieces of music require non-traditional directions:- Intro; Verse; Chorus; Bridge; Interlude, Brite Waltz, etc.

It would be nice, as well, if they could be alphabetised, for easy retrieval.

Thank you!

You can define your own playing techniques, but you can’t define things like dynamics, or bits of text that describe structural events in the music. Hopefully it’s not too hard to type the word “Bridge” into a Shift+Alt+X text item, though?

For sections, I tend to use extra text in rehearsal marks for more commercial work (instead of having rehearsal marks and boxed text negotiating collisions). But of course it depends on the client.

Thanx for the response, Daniel!

It’s a work-flow “thing”.

Come on, “Doricans”, VOTE! :smiley:

Voting is not how features are decided upon. Of course user input is considered. :wink:

That said, I’d also like to be able to make a collection of custom rehearsal marks, similar to Finale.

+1! :slight_smile: