I have removed all .ewui and .ewus files in libraries as suggested by tech guy but still cannot bring up instrument files in opus. I am PC win 10. Any ideas?

Sounds like an iLok issue. When you say “tech guy”, do you mean EW support? If not, they are best placed to help.

the files look as if they’re there.Have you actually activated the library in iLok? You haven’t said if it was working before or this is the first time you tried.

Tech guy at EW said to reinstate Play 6.1.9. Although I use OPUS and not PLAY it still needs to be installed to prevent the problem!!! All OK now.

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that sounds odd – wasn’t aware that PLAY was required for Symphonic Choirs, though I do have 6.1.9. installed and from time to time experiment with trying out the differences. Opus was very buggy in its earlier incarnations regarding dynamics in particular but this seems largely to have been ironed out with more recent updates.

Anyway, glad it’s all sorted now!