Library sample assignment to different playing techniques

Hi, I want to assign particular sample from eastwest library to trill glyph , can you please tell me is it possible to do so?

You need to create an expression map that defines a playback technique for the half- or whole-step trill, then assign that expression map to the channel that is playing back the sound. What EW library are you using? There’s a chance that somebody has already created a suitable expression map for you.

Thank you Daniel,
I’m usung Opus edition

Take a look here – there’s a chance somebody has already created the map(s) you need:

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I’ve tried all tutorials on YouTube but didn’t manage. For example, in EW strings libraries there is sample called “slur runs” I want to use this sample during glissandi, but whenever I put the slur over notes the expression map is changing on legato patch. So is there a way to fix this somehow?

Can you export the Expression map and upload it here? Or a sample document?
At the least, a screenshot.

Otherwise, we’re just guessing what you’ve done.

Select the slur and change the common property to suppress playback.

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Janus, Thank you so much.
Only problem is, that you have to do this operation every time the change is needed. it’s very hard to do when one’s working on big scale work. I hope Dorico will become more friendly in such cases.