Library with multiple frequency rate how you organise?


When I work on a documentaries I use 48kHz. I heard people mixing in 96… anyway 70% of my sounds are in 48 so I keep it like this. I guess 96 is fine for advanced audio treatment (?) not sure so again 48 is fine for me.

But I have more and more libraries in 96 or 192.
So I see 2 ways of working with this. Either you 1) keep them at original frequency rate and when you import them in nuendo you convert copy them to the folder, or 2) you duplicate them in your librarie at 48k so you have both original and converted.
Not sure there’s another way ?
Because I started years ago with system 2) … I keep on like this but not sure if makes total sense.
What I see is :
1/ pro: less space on library HD, only one file if you need to update metadata
1/ cons: each time you import a file you need to convert = copy on your session drive all the file although you might use just 1sec of 2min. Also once the sound is on your session (and imported to session folder) you might change your mind and want to delete it because it is not working that well wich idealy would implie you delete it from session folder (long process and dangerous when you work days on a long film and are each time at risk to delete wrong file permenantly)

2/ pro: you import the frequency rate you need and if it doesn’t work you can remove it without beeing bothered much.
2/ cons: double number of files on library HD.

how are you guys working about this ?
also to mention a feature still missing from nuendo, in the Media Bay, to be able to read and audio file at the session’s frequency rate or original audio file rate. When I import 96khz I have to guess how it will sound in 48. You get better at this but some sounds how ever good they are don’t transfer well at half speed.

I always convert the files and import / copy it to the session audio folder. If I have to work on another computer or send the session to another studio, all the files are in the session folder and nothing is missing. Cheers

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you’r right. Assuming other studio is also using nuendo else OMF / AAF will embed everything.
Also isn’t that solved with backuping session ?

I always copy/convert everything to 48kHz on import. I store stuff at whatever the original rate is.