licence activation

Today I loaded Artist 7 and registered as required, when I went to access Cubase it said that I had still to register. I tried to re-enter the 32 digit code again but was informed that the registration code could not be used. Do I have to uninstall to start again or how do I get a new activation code?

Wasn’t there an Already Registered option? Did you activate after registering?

No there wasn’t the three options were go to Cubase 7, Cubase 7 artist, or Register.

It also advised that I only 24hours and 30 minutes left etc.

Registering is not the same as activating. so which pf the two have you done…?

Sorry, I was trying to Activate the software. I loaded the activation code as requested but when I went back into cubase it said I only had x amount of hours left. When I re entered the code I was informed that as the code had already been used it could not be re-entered

And what does it say in the elicenser control center software?

Thanks. Went into the elicencer and managed to sync the system. Now back up and running.