licence confusion and annoyance

I had to reinstall (rather than upgrade, thanks Microsoft!) from windows 7 to windows 10. I have a USB e-licenser with a full cubase 10 pro licence on it. I downloaded cubase 10 pro from and installed it. All good.

But when I run it, it says “no valid licence file found” and allows me to “start licence activation”. Whjat’s going on - I thought it would find the valid full licence on the dongle?

If I do the “start licence activation” it asks for an activation key. Where do I get that? The page shows the activation key for cubase 10 pro but that doesn’t work. When I enter it it says “no upgrade licence selectable”…

Am completely confused. How is this licence dance helpful to me? How do I get this cubase 10 pro working again?

Ok so solved this - sorry for the noise. The “download” on mysteinberg page is for 10.5, I was using 10.0.5. It only said download “Cubase 10” and doesn’t offer 10.0.5 or any other version. Totally confusing.

Solved by paying for the upgrade to 10.5…