Licence Help

Hello. I’m not sure where else to look for help, but maybe you can help me.

I’ve purchased a new copy of Cubase 6.5. When the product licence number that came with Cubase 6.5 was entered into the eLicence program, it downloaded a licence, but it appears as a full licence for Cubase 7, and does not allow me to use our copy of Cubase 6.5. I have tried downloading a trial version of Cubase 7, and I have successfully activated the trial licence for that. When I visit the Steinberg website, it shows that the only licence I have is for the trial version of Cubase 7. When I enter the activation code again, it shows up as a download for the Cubase 6.5 licence, but wont allow me to download it because the activation number has already been used.

Im not sure how to proceed, any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


This looks like a situation to definitely contact Steinberg.

Actually, it sounds quite normal. Since your 6.5 purchase is valid for a free update to C7, that is the license you get. Ofcourse, it should allow you to install and use any version before 7, up to SX.

To get things working, install latest e-Licenser software.

Good call. I installed the latest eLicenser software on the recording computer, and now it works.

I suppose it’s worth pointing out that our work computer isn’t connected to the internet. The license was downloaded on a different computer.

So I guess if you’re in this type of situation, make sure that you have the latest eLicenser software installed on the computer you record with.

I still don’t understand a few things, like why the full license doesn’t show up on the Steinberg site, but I suppose I don’t really care. Thanks!