Licence invalid after Absolute upgrade. Halion will not load

Purchased upgrade Absolute 2 > Absolute 5. I have a usb licenser and have updated and run maintenance on this. Downloaded using download assistant. After installation all related products will now not load, saying “no valid license detected”.

I have been supplied with an activation code of 5 x 5 digits which worked for download but does not work in the elicenser (7 x 4 = 28 digits). Installing through the download assistant has not updated the licensing. My previous copy of Halion 4 has disapeared and Halion 6 will not load (along with the other updated instruments.) The only thing showing on my elicenser is the Absolute 2 licence - there is nothing showing for Absolute 5. Meanwhile I’m stuck with 140gb of files cluttering my C drive, and no working instruments from the update.
I raised a support ticket 3 days ago but have had no response. As far as I can tell the licence should have updated when the files were installed with the download assistant. Is this correct?. What should I do?

That is the Download Access Code. See this article for the details:

The activation code should be applied in the Eliceneser Control Center, and is is formated in
8 groups of 4 chars, like:
0240 0000 1111 2222 3333 4444 5555 6666

Thankk you for your reply. The 5x5 digit download access code is the only code I received. According to the link you cited (which I had read before posting) “The Activation via Activation Code will be automatically performed when you redeem a Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant.” Except this hasn’t happened. I used the download assistant but it did not place any new licenses on my usb elicence, and I seem to be stuck.

In your Steinberg account online, do you see corresponding info for your software in the image?

No I do not. In my equivalent page I see the listings for Absolute 2 and Cubase 11 etc.etc. but no listing for a Not Yet Activated product. And in the support for obtaining a licence it states:

“Software downloads
In case you’ve purchased software as download from our online shop, you’ve received a confirmation email. Depending on the product, the mail includes the Activation Code or a Download Access Code. When redeeming the Download Access Code in the [Steinberg Download Assistant] an Activation Code will be automatically generated and used to download and activate your license.”

I have never seen or been issued with anything other than the 5 x 5 digit download access code. None of the Absolute 5 products have been activated, and those products like Halion 4 that were updated are now not available either.

Thank you for taking an interest - I thought I must be thick and getting something wrong, but I acted according to the instructions but have no product.

I see.

I would go the online shop support site and tell them this.

Thank you - I have done that. Is raising a ticket there actually any different from a ticket with tech support? The forms looked identical.

They do not look at all the same.

You need:

or if you paid with Paypal:

Right,done that. Thank you for the links. Being a Friday I guess I’ll have to be patient a few more days.
I appreciate your help

Good luck. I am sure you will get this sorted out.