Licence manager still buggy

Until today I had activated Dorico Pro 4 on two Macs (and Cubase 12 on the same machines as well). Today I wanted two activate Wavelab Elements 11.1 on my second machine. When I opened Steinberg Activation Manager my Licenses for Cubase and Dorico were deactivated on this second machine. I could activate Wavelab and reactivate Cubase but when I tried to reactivate Dorico I was told that the maximum number of licenses has been reached. My Steinberg account shows no activations for Dorico (seems to be a known bug) but I can’t reactivate Dorico on the machine it had been activated on before I started the Activation manager…
As a result I can use Dorico only on one machine after activating Wavelab…
The Activation Manager and all Steinberg Software are up to date versions.
The new licensing system might still be lacking…

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solved by user Helpdesk within less than 3 hours. Resetting the initial Dorico license didn’t help. The very friendly team member of the Helpdesk team found a solution however. Great and fast support! :slight_smile:

Hmm that’s interesting! I have an unanswered support ticket from over a month ago regarding the weird delete offline license, or some such message (cannot recall now exactly what it said) which resulted in me having 3 activations marked in Activation Manager - I use only 2 computers. So far no response apart from a suggestion on here to de-activate and re-activate, which I was / am unwilling to try in case I lose the lot. Apparently there is a known bug, though no-one at Steinberg has told me this. I’d like an official tech support response to my ticket.

I believe these are actually two separate issues.

i) There is a bug whereby you can end up seeing a warning message about discarding your offline licenses even though you haven’t got any offline licenses. We know what’s causing this and hope to have a fix for it in the next update to SAM.

ii) The fact that you have 3 activations when you’re using only 2 computers is unrelated. I can’t tell for sure, but one possibility is that it results from a bug in some older versions of SAM where they didn’t identify some computers correctly. Although we have already fixed this bug, if you activated your licence using a buggy SAM then the incorrect values may still be registered on the server. In the next version of SAM we will make it easier to identify which computer is using each activation, and this should make it possible to work out what has happened in cases such as yours.

Thanks for your reply Richard. So it’s a bug. That Steinberg are aware of. But the remedy for me seems to be a bit vague…do I wait for the new version of SAM? Do I de-activate and re-activate and risk it? There are other users with the same problem. For now, as previously stated, I will do nothing and wait for a bug-fixed SAM. But the fact that Steinberg don’t actually seem to know what is causing it, or are able to re-set my activations is of concern. And still no response to my support ticket, nor the reminder sent. Speaks volumes for Steinberg’s support.

Fortunately Dorico seems to live autonomously in a spare room in the attic at Yamaha Corp, and I’m grateful for all support and input on this forum!

The support team are able to reset your activations, but I can’t as I am only a member of the development team and don’t have access to the live database. If you can manage with only two machines for now I would suggest you wait until the next SAM release - that will provide better labelling in our account pages as to which machines are which and make it easier to see whether the problem is the one I suggested or not. If it is the one I suggested, then we will need to fix the database record at our end, but I would prefer to wait and see just in case there is some other issue in SAM itself that we are not aware of.

Our support team are currently working through a large backlog of tickets, so the response time is slower than it would ideally be. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused by this slower than usual response time.