licence on one USB or keep seperate Artist + Elements?

Hi Guys,

I currently have Elements 8 (full) on my primary computer running with an elicence, I have also just purchased Artist 8.5 (full) and wondered if anyone can answer the following for me.

If I uninstall Elements from my primary computer and install it on my laptop can I transfer the elicence to the USB dongle that came with Artist. If so, can I then run Artist on the primary computer with the dongle and then simply insert the dongle into the laptop to run Elements?

Or, is it better to uninstall Elements from the primary computer, deactivate it (how?), install on the laptop and reactivate from there, thus keeping the USB only for the main computer running Artist?

All responses appreciated.


My opinion…

Yes… you can put the soft elicense onto the dongle but I wouldn’t.

I would move the software that runs on the soft elicense to the laptop (follow the instructions to reativate it in the provided link). Then install the “better” version that requires the usb dongle on your main computer. Then you won’t have to move the dongle back and forth.

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Hi Prock,

Many thanks for the quick response, I think on reflection you are right, at least that way it would keep my options open should I ever lose or damage the USB. Elements isn’t Artist but it does most of what I do except for the lack of the midi transformer option which I really needed for a split keyboard.


Also… you can always install the Artist version on the laptop too (and have both versions on it). Then, if you need the options in Artist you can just move the dongle as needed. Life is good.

Once you move the Elements soft-elicense to the dongle you can’t go back.

Regards :sunglasses: