Licence on the second computer

Hi All, I can not find the information I need and I hope You can help me. The point is, I work on two machines and I would like to get Cubase on both. Do I need to buy another license or can I use my purchased license and download Cubase on the second computer? Thanks in advance.


you don’t say which version but unfortunately you need to either physically move your dongle, if you have one, or buy another licence

Only need a second licence if the Soft Licence from the entry level products cant be moved to a dongle.

By default I think elements uses a SEL (soft licence, given the objective is keeping user cost low at entry level saving dongle cost) but that licence can I believe be moved to a dongle if the user chooses.

That’s why, dear @B.FREE.Q I only use the dongle: 4 machines… :wink:

Thank you All for the answers. I use Cubase 11 Elements. Anyway as I can see, my problem is solved and I need to buy another license. Thanks, again.