Licence problem, please advise

Hi I have Nuendo 4.2 installed on the second partition of a PC laptop.

The first partition has been ravaged by a virus and I’ve been re-installing windows since december.

I bought a mac book pro in January and I’m converted, never going back.

Do I need to get my license off the PC laptop? I’m having trouble booting into that partition at the moment but I think I can repair to boot record and get it going. But do I need to?

I still have my dongle but will it work if I install Nuendo on my Mac?

Thanks in advance,


Your license is on your dongle.
In other words, you can install the software (eLicenser + Nuendo) on as many computers as you want, but you can only use Nuendo if you have plugged in your dongle.


Thanks Fredo!! thats sorted.