Licence problems

Hi to all, i 've a problem with my cubase 9.5 license.

I’ve bought my cubase in April 2018 (3 month ago). My hard disk is dead so i’ve bought an other and reinstall all my software.

Problems here…when i wanna download my license in elicenser control center ( it says that’s impossible.

I can see my old soft elicenser for my old dead hard disk…

how can install my license on my new pc?

How can i resolve? Thanks.

You didn’t say what version of Cubase 9.5 you have. If the license is stored on a soft-eLicense (like CB Elements 9.5 might be) then you should be able to activate it following the reactivation procedure in this link.

If the license is stored on a USB-eLicenser dongle then there is no need to reactivate it. Just install your Cubase to the new computer and plug in the dongle to run it.

Regards. :sunglasses: