Licence purchase advise, to open .all and .arr files


I have ~150 cubase songs that I created on my brothers computer running Windows 98 back in the late 90s and early 2000s, using Cubase VST. I happened to find these old files on a zip disk, and the original computer and licence are long gone. Most of the songs are saved as .all files, however there are a few .arr files as well. None had any audio tracks - they were all midi and used soundfonts for playback.

My understanding is that I have to install Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3 to convert the old files into a new format, in order to use my old Cubase VST projects and songs. To do this I need to purchase a Cubase licence.

There are three versions of Cubase available for purchase, listed as Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements. Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist look pretty good; however, Cubase Artist is likely most appropriate for my intended use and is discounted compared to the Pro licence (~$850 vs $500).

If I were to purchase a licence for Cubase Artist, would I be able to install Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3? Or, do I need to purchase the full Cubase Pro licence for this purpose? There don’t appear to be any trial or ‘demo’ versions available that I can access without an active licence, to do a test or trial conversion before purchase.

Many thanks