Licence tied to old cpu

Computer crashed generally & replaced most parts, Now Cubase 9.5 licence not making it onto new CPU (or whatever) so I tried update to 13 but (after paying for update) found the update has no valid licence to update to.
What to do? Clear out the lot and pay a lot more for a full Cubase 13 on my ‘new’ computer? Can’t I delete the ‘old’ data with Steinberg & transfer the licence to my 'new computer. Does the licence die with the computer?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, you bought the correct update please.

When you are in the activation process, make sure the USB-eLicenser with your Cubase 9 license is plugged in.

Which version? Were you previously using the Soft-eLicenser?

If you was using a soft elicenser version, you will need to do a reactivation process to be able to apply the upgrade code (because the activation system need to find a valid license to upgrade it):

after that, you will need to activate you upgrade from 9.5 to 13:

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