Licence transfer between PCs with the same owner

Hello Cubase Forum.

This is a licensing question rather than a technical one.
The general question is:
How difficult does Steinberg make it to transfer a Cubase licence from one PC owned by a person to another PC owned by the same person? I have read what seem like horror stories in the recent past.
The detail is:
I have Studio 4 licensed on a hardware eLicenser, an upgrade pack for Cubase 6, and a desktop PC to run it on. However the PC has one of the Creative cards which does not support what Creative calls What-U-Hear and other sound card firms call Stereo Mix. I intend to purchase a fairly heavy-duty 64-bit Windows 7 laptop - with Stereo Mix - to replace my old Studio 4 machine, which is now Cubaseless. I have waited 2 months for the one I want and will need to wait 2 more. In the meantime I would like to install Cubase 6 on the Desktop to learnt about it etc.
BUT am I likely to hit the metaphorical brick wall when I uninstall the product from the Desktop and attempt to transfer the licence to the laptop? Sorry about the length of text, but I wanted to make the situation clear.
Trevor B

The license is on your usb dongel. You can have CB 6 on multiple computers but need the dongel to open Cubase 6. Hope this answers your question


The licence is on the USB key. So you can instal the Cubase 6 on the new computer, connect the USB key, and start working. You don’t have to uninstall the Cubase 6 on the second computer. You can use Cobase on both. Just take your USB key, and connect it to the computer, where do you want to run Cubase.


Thank you both for the helpful replies.
I have installed Cubase 6 on my desktop, getting offered 6.5, something to do with a grace period.
Not such a good idea, the trial 6.0.x.x exported MIDI perfectly well, but 6.5 produces a MIDI file with nothing in it at all. I’ll need to try another post to see if anyone can help with this.