Licence transfer

I wanted to free myself from the USB-eLicenser and started looking into the documentation to see if any other solution was offered…

But I just read that transferring from USB-eLicenser to Soft-eLicenser is not possible.
I wish I was told this info prior to authorizing my USB-eLicenser !!

now I’m stuck and I hate it.
What is the reason behind this ? Can somebody explain ?

Yan Maresz

Dear Yan,
I understand your frustration, as… well, actually, everybody here!
We know there’s a Steiberg team working on a new licensing solution (for quite a while now), so everyone is looking forward to this update. In the meantime, I hope some people from the Dorico team will have a solution for your needs.

I’m afraid it has always been the case that once a license is moved to the USB-eLicenser, it cannot be moved back to the Soft-eLicenser. At one stage it was under consideration to allow this for Dorico, but since the decision was made to pursue a new licensing technology, we have preferred to focus our efforts on delivering that new solution as soon as possible rather than devoting lots more time and effort to the existing solution. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @dspreadbury,

I would like to be sure that I understood correctly.

When the new license management system arrives, will it be possible for the user of an older version ex. 3.5 (which I use today) to migrate to the new system and free himself from the e-licensor key if he wishes? Thank you.

Looking forward to reading you !

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ch. B.

P.S. In my case, upgrading Dorico to a newer version at this time will break compatibility with my old hardware.

No, it will not be possible. When the new license system is introduced, it will be introduced in a new version of the software. The existing licensing system will continue to be supported for a time for older versions of the software.