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I’m asked to confirm my version 4 of Dorico, but it doesn’t work and I suspect that it is because my copy of Version 3.5 is on another Mac.

I’ve contacted support about it, but no answer…

If you are licensed for D4 Alain, you should have a license on SAM: can you verify what happens launching Steinberg Activation Manager?

Edt: Or are you talking about an upgrade from D3.5 to D4?

Yes it’s an upgrade from D3.5 on a MacBook Pro, but I only installed D4 on an iMac.
The Activation Manager is in French and says something like Verification Pending.
Then the elicenser says there’s no licence to upgrade, And that’s probably because version 3.5 was never installed on this new iMac.
Can I transfer a license file from the MacBook Pro to the iMac ?

My 3.5 is licensed on the USB. If it’s the same for you. it’s very simple: just plug the USB on the D4 machine and upgrade. If not, why don’t you upgrade on the D3.5 machine? Run SDA and insert the license. Then you can simply activate a second license on the D4 machine.
I have Dorico on Windows, presently, so I hope I didn’t advice anything wrong, but it looks logical to me… You can have D4 on three machines, therefore…

That usually means your authorization (at Steinberg) has been flipped over to the Dorico 4 SAM. At that point one should be able to contact Steinberg via the SAM on the new machine to activate your (already loaded ) version of Dorico 4.

Doubtless, if I am missing a step, someone will supply it.


I bought D3.5 just before I got Covid and then didn’t really have time to learn using it.
Now I started learning on the iMac
I don’t have a USB license I think. I didn’t necessarily intend to install D4 on the MacBook Pro, but I will if I have to.

I don’t think you have to install D4 on the D3.5 machine. Just upgrade the license there to D4 with SDA. Then activate the D4 license on the D4 machine.
But obviously you can as well install D4 on the D3.5 machine. I simply think it’s not compulsory.

I didn’t know about the SAM, I’m going to have a look !

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The first thing I wrote…!

Alain, if you still have access to your other Mac, then it should be simple: run Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA) on the Mac on which Dorico 3.5 is currently installed. You don’t need to actually download and install Dorico 4 on there: just running SDA is sufficient. When SDA is running, click the Enter your Download Access Code button in the top left-hand corner and input your Dorico 4 update Download Access Code (from the email receipt you received from the Steinberg online shop) into the window there. It should then verify your existing Dorico 3.5 license on that computer.

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Sorry, I didn’t get the acronym.
First thing I replied :
“The Activation Manager is in French and says something like Verification Pending.”

Thanks Daniel, I’ll try tomorrow!
Good to see you, we met on the Sibelius forum a long time ago!

It asks for an USB eLicenser, but I never had one. Maybe I checked the wrong box when upgrading.
What can I do?

You don’t need to plug in a USB-eLicenser. If you run eLicenser Control Center on the computer on which Dorico 3.5 is installed, do you see your Dorico 3.5 license show up there?

I noticed a “Register now…” command in the hub menu.
Could that mean that my D3.5 isn’t fully registered although it is fully working?
Capture d’écran 2023-05-02 à 15.02.23

Alain, it looks like everything is now working as it should: please run Steinberg Activation Manager on your new computer where Dorico Pro 4 is installed and click the little refresh icon in the top right corner. Hopefully you will find that it now reports your license as being permanent and no longer requiring verification.

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Thanks Daniel and thanks everyone, now it works fine !


Glad you solved Alain!
[And I’m glad I’ve advised the same procedure as Daniel, or at least this was my intention! (Certainly Daniel expressed everything quite better!)]

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