Licence WL 7

I bought a license for Wavelab element 7.
I do not have a USB key to this program, the license is stored on my hard drive.
I changed my computer and I want to reinstall Wavelab element on this new machine.
Or trying to enter my serial number on my new machine, the server Steinberg tells me that my key has already been used and it is therefore impossible to use Wavelab on this new computer.

My question is: How do I uninstall WaveLab element 7 of my first machine to reinstall it on another.

Note that I plan to buy the full version in July and I am concerned about this style of process.
I change machines every year and I can not see myself paying each time a license Wavelab.
And what if hard disk crash?

J’ai acheté une licence pour Wavelab élément 7.
Je n’ai pas de clé USB pour ce programme, la licence est stockée sur mon disque dur.
J’ai changé d’ordinateur et je désire réinstaller Wavelab élément sur cette nouvelle machine.
Or en tentant d’inscrire mon N° de série sur ma nouvelle machine, le serveur de Steinberg m’indique que ma clé a déjà été utilisée et qu’il m’est donc impossible d’utiliser Wavelab sur ce nouvel ordinateur.

Ma question est donc : Comment désinstaller Wavelab élément 7 de ma première machine pour le réinstaller sur une autre.

À noter que j’envisage d’acheter la version complète en juillet et je m’inquiète de ce style de processus.
Je change de machine tous les ans et je me vois mal payer à chaque fois une licence de Wavelab.
Et quid en cas de crash de disque dur ?

With the full version it is no problem to change computers, because the license is situated on the USB-key. So wherever the key is, on that computer WL will work. Can’t help you with the other issue I’m afraid.

Luck, Arjan


I did it many times: go in your account at MySteinberg, there’s a specific link to “Install/Reinstall”.

you will be asked for your old activation code and your eLicenser number (the one installed on the NEW machine by Wavelab Elements itself). You will be given immediately a new activation code. It works perfectly!

You can enjoy the program on both machines at the same time, no need to uninstall!

Remember, use the new eLicenser number to go through the procedure.

Merci !

In regards to our EULA, you may install and use a license for the software only on one computer which is in your possession.

Sorry, this is not the case.

Read carefully. I’m aware of three licenses, no stealing here. You can anyway Re-install and need a new code if you reinstall your OS, that’s obvious.

I’m aware Steinberg can turn off your account only if you go over this limit.

that was not an invite to pirate, I always pay for my software.

Please let’s clarify this, thank you.

OK, this is what I read on Steinberg site:

“Please note that in accordance with the license agreement, you are only permitted to install and use WaveLab Elements 7 on one computer. By requesting a new Activation Code, you confirm that you are only installing WaveLab Elements 7 on one computer.”

but this has changed only recently, because a few months ago (last time I re-activated was Sept. 2010) customers were allowed for max. three licenses, am I wrong?

New restrictions have been introduced, I think.

Please be so kind to confirm this, thank you.