I use Cubase 8.5 on PC in my studio. If I purchase Dorico, I would like it installed on my Mac Book as well as my studio PC.
Does this mean I will need to take my Cubase dongle from home to use it on my Mac?
I hate the thought of having to carry my dongle and the worry about losing it (then my studio would also useless).

Is the only alternative to have it on my Mac only so I don’t need to use my dongle?

Maybe buy a second usb e-licenser (or use the one in the boxed version of Dorico), or use the soft e-licenser only?

So if I use the ‘soft e-licencer’ does that mean I can only use it on my Mac if that’s the one I installed it on?

At the moment I work with Sibelius on my mac and also my Surface pro and also in my studio…

With Dorico I can only use it on one of these unless I take my dongle (and use up the one usb port on the surface)

The only option is to use the hardware licenser, unfortunately. It really sucks.

It was mentioned that a way of licensing Dorico on more than one computer without the e-Licenser will be investigated, but I don’t know if or when this will happen.

Have you read this sticky?

I don’t think Dorico can be installed on the Surface thing (yet), so for now it is either one installation (the soft e-lc) on one machine (which may be possible to carry around?), or several installations on qualified systems and a usb e-lc (you can have another one for Cubase) to carry.