I have two computers running Cubase 6 Elements - and two separate dongles/iLoks…will I need to upgrade the licence on both computers to enable them to both run it ?

How compatible is 7 to 6 and 6 to 7 ?

What is “it” ? Elements 7 ?

If you mean run Elements 7 on both computers at the same time, then of course you need to upgrade both licenses.


Yes, you need to upgrade both licenses individually. You technically have two of the same product, so you need two of the same upgrades.

Just to be clear, you can run Elements 7 on both computers having only updated one license. However, you would need to move the USB-eLicenser from one computer to the other in order to do so.

One license = one computer running the software at any given time.

You can not run any version of Cubase with an iLok…