Licencing issue

Now do understand me clearly because I’m only going to say this once! “I know I’m dealing with the world’s best of the best and don’t want to tell experts their job!”

But…whenever Windows updates a build, Dorico needs to be registered again! A HUGE process whereby I must (after the hassle of opening my browser and logging in) reregister the eLicenser (by re-installing it), do a “Maintenance Tasks” and re-enter Dorico’s serial number and if I remember correctly do another “Maintenance Tasks” procedure. Now, I KNOW it’s important to protect the software but I must admit that (although I HATED it at first), the way Avid’s Application Manager (NOW eventually) works, could be an option for Steinberg as well.

In other words,…the “Application Manager” KNOWS my details. I just updated my Windows 10 build so Sibelius rebelled that it’s not registered and all I needed to do was enter my username and password in their “Application Manager” and voila, ALL my AVID software is working! :slight_smile: No sweat!

Please understand, it’s NOT about fanboy-ship or loyalties (I don’t worship software and hardware), it’s about making an user’s computing experience and giving our sweat glands a break…

Just a suggestion…

Enjoy your coffee :slight_smile:


what you report is completely new to me. You say, whenever Windows updates itself you have to reregister Dorico?
Under normal circumstances this should never happen. I’ve never heard or experienced myself, that a program needs a new registration after a Windows update. But if that is the case with you, then most likely your Windows installation is pretty much screwed up.

So what is happening after the Windows update? Does it tell you that just the license is gone? Do you have your license on the harddisk or on a dongle?

Hi Ulf,

I would imagine it has something to do with me being in the “Fast” ring as a Windows 10 insider. THAT is why I offered to be part of Beta Testing.

What happens is this, EVERY TIME. Windows 10 updates to a new build. Dorico somehow loses it’s licensing.

Upon double-clicking on Dorico’s icon on the desktop, a dialog box pops up (Attachment 1.png [but just in English]) and reports that I cannot use Dorico.

Then I click that blue button and I open “My Acount” on my Steinberg web page and as my brain was (again in power down hibernation mode), I cannot rember ALL the steps I had to follow (I will make a video next time Windows 10 updates), but the bottom line is, I have to re-install eLicesnsor to get a new eLicensor 20 character Registration code number and enter it in the web page…so…I re-register eLicensor. Then I run eLicensor Centre and do “Maintenance Tasks” after which I get new Activation codes for Cubase 9 and Dorico at Steinberg on your servers.

Then I get my activation codes from “My Account” (Attachment 3.jpg) and enter it into the eLicensor Centre’s dialog box (attachment 2.jpg) and redo “Maintenance Tasks”…and the Dorico works again.

But Ulf, those are quite a lot of steps to perform every time Windows 10 releases a build. OK, I realise, once Windows 10 matured and new builds will probably only be released once or twice a year, I still think that the eLicensor should accept a username and password so in case something goes wrong and Dorico is re-installed or Windows is re-installed or a new Windows build is released, opening eLicensor (like AVID Application Manager) takes your username (normally email address and password and reference Steinberg servers) and then automatically reactivates ALL Steinberg’s Software on one’s machine.

I know you guys don’t like this idea, but installing the eLicensor on 2 or 3 computers (while your Steinberg servers keep track of the number of seats taken (like Application Manager), it would make the use of the USB Licensor not needed because your servers keeps track how many seats are used by the license. One first have to Deactivate a seat in order to activate another Dorico seat, should I go to another City and reactivate Dorico with that open seat). I’m just saying this as I had to purchase 2 iLocks so far as they just popped…I guess the in, out, in, out etc eventually pops some circuits in the USB device…and the iLock is expensive and now I have to wait 2 weeks for a new one and PURCHASE a service “Zero Downtime” to continue my work. THAT is @##!!! Pay to continue to work while I wait for another dongle which I also purchased. Talk about “Over-milking a cow!”

Anyway, I will make a video later this week when another built is released. And yes, I know WE insiders do this at our own risk, but it is through guys like us that YOU guys get the info to improve your product. We test the OS and other software being develop…like Dorico and Cubase. I also test for Norton.

Keep well, my friend!

Hans, you are surely an optimist! This week, being heartily sick of the obligatory updates, I have reverted to Windows 7 and will stay with this OS until 2020, and maybe beyond if it will work then without connection to the internet.

Regarding your complaint above, I heartily sympathise!



that your license is getting lost during every Windows update is certainly not normal. I’ve just talked to our guys who created the eLicenser-stuff and they also never heard of such case.
Well, there was an issue on some machines when updating from Win8 to Win10 due to some access rights, but a reinstallation of the eLC solved that. Other than that we don’t know of any general issue that would make licenses suddenly disappear after a Windows update.

I would suggest that you also reinstall the eLC and see if that might help you. Go to the Windows Control Panel and under ‘Apps & features’ find the ‘eLicenser Control’ and uninstall it. Under you can download the latest eLC and install that instead.
I hope that will help you.


Oh don’t worry David, I live for this kind of thing…you know…sorting out this #$%@%!!! :smiley:

THAT is why I like chatting with Ulf and Paul (when HE is available).

But, for those who want a smooth ride…yeah, you’re right. Get Windows 3.1! :smiley: (Just kidding) The current stable version of Windows 10 will do just fine!


Hi Ulf, yes…that’s what I did to get registered again like I explained. But don’t worry, as soon as Windows 10 update again, I’ll make a video end let’s see if we can exorcise this demon. :imp: I expect another update, if not this week, then next week.

May I suggest a good Pakistani curry and yellow rice for supper. a Bit oily, but Gooooood! Oh, and keep a fire extinguisher at hand! :blush:

Peaceful evening to all you beautiful people in that icy north.

Hi guys

FYI,this just happened to me too with the recent W10 forced update (aargh), so the experience Hans describes is not an isolated incident. This is extremely inconvenient for the user - it seems to me that one successful activation should be enough (barring complete OS re-installs, migration to a new computer, etc.). Yes, I can follow all the suggested steps to get things up and running again (I hope), but I shouldn’t have to. Too much trouble for today, so it’s back to Sibelius on my XP machine…it always runs when I ask it to :slight_smile:


Finale users with Win 10 had the same problems over and over again. It is a Windows 10 generated problem. MakeMusic appears to have found a solution, so I imagine Steinberg will as well.

I pull back my preference for a Sibelius-like Application Manager…UNLESS it can be made to WORK! I have ENDLESS problems with Sibelius 8. It de-authorize almost every day…and getting it to authorise TAKES HOURS!

So, I am without words and advice. I asked for a refund on Sibelius 8, which I think is going to be a huge battle.

All I want is the software to start so that I can get busy working. I lost 5 working days last week and my Commanding Officer is about to demote me.

This could be a hidden blessing for Dorico though. Our Military School is highly disappointed with Sibelius, and I am preparing them for Dorico. I must just get to learn the software. I really do believe we should go Dorico as it seems that almost all of the LRSM and ABRSM rules are built in Dorico including engraving rules…things those examiners look at when marking the short arrangement students must present. Sibelius and Finale lack quite a number of those rules.

Regarding activation…I DON’Y KNOW! Please make the software work after Windows updates.

Thanks guys

Same issue here after upgrading to Windows 10 May update (Version 1903). My Dorico Soft license was lost. The procedure was the same as decribed by Hans, but additionally the eLicenser Control Center did not create a new Soft-eLicenser number as required. I unistalled and reinstalled the Control Center, but it kept showing the old number. I had to install the elc-installations-helper.exe, with that I got a new Soft-eLicenser number und could finally reactivate my license. I hope there will be a solution for this problem. It would be tiresome to go through this procedure with every Windows function update.

Sorry to hear you had these problems, Jürg. You should find that simply running eLCC as administrator and letting it perform its maintenance tasks is sufficient after a “big” Windows update.

As you know, in the medium- to long-term we will be retiring the eLicenser system, but we are unlikely to make any significant changes to the underlying technology of the current eLicenser system while we are expending effort on developing its successor.

That was all that was needed on my system when it updated from Windows 10 1809 to Windows 10 1903. Running eLicenser Control Center as an Administrator is mandatory in this scenario - as an experiment I tried without doing so, the Maintenance procedure failed and my licences were not reactivated.

Thanks for your advice, Daniel. Running eLCC as administrator and letting it perform the maintenance tasks was my first attempt, but it didn’t solve the problem for some reason. I’ll try that again with the next Windows function update in autumn.