License activation server is still down?

I just purchase Cubase 11 Elements but could not activate since yesterday. Getting an error message saying ‘could not establish connection to authentication server’. I just checked the support page and found a license server outage since yesterday. This is still not resolved?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, the server is still down, as you can see on the forum and the support page mentioned.

I am in the same boat. They posted this earlier but it hasn’t been updated: July 30, 2021

09:05 AM CET
We are experiencing license server outages which lead to failed license transactions (license activation, license transfer and license upgrades).
We are investigating and work on a resolution to be available as soon as possible.

Please note: Licenses cannot get lost! Failed license transactions can be restarted once the license server is back online.

2:35 PM CET
A backup will be deployed, which will take several hours to be completed.

I hope they resolve it soon or update us again to know what to expect.

And now imagine what will happen with SB new license scheme where their server isn’t only needed for new purchases but also for periodic checks during normal work with the application.
Happy working then.

This post is based only on the member’s own lack of information. No info about the new system has been released.

The server is up now.

My guess is that we will all need to have microchips implanted in the back of the neck and sit within one metre of the computer while facing south in order to run Cubase!

That might be idle speculation of course.

Totally absurd. Middle of the forehead is where it will go.