License and dual boot


I installed padshop pro on my pc and it works fine but when I go to my second W7 (dual boot)
I cannot use padshop pro. Its not on the dongle and if I try to use the license code I get the
message this code is already used.
Anybody else with the same problem.


You’ll have to transfer the license to the dongle or buy another one.

When I check the dongle It’s on it. But when I restart my other Windows 7 I don’t see it on the donge, really strange.

Are both OSes running the latest e-licenser control center?

Yep I use on both systems the latest version.

Is the license visible in MySteinberg -> Show Registered Products -> dongle?

I just registered it there and now it’s visible but still nothing on my other windows

Did you try the maintenance tasks in the eLicenser Control Centre?

Yep I did it but nothing.
Are you also working with a dual boot and is it working with you?

Yes I work with dual boot but I can’t confirm your problem because I don’t have audio programs installed on both OS’s.
But I can plug my dongle in another PC or laptop and have access to all my licenses stored on that dongle.

I will contact tech support see what they have to say about it.

Thanks for all the help