License cannot be downloaded

Hi. Need help.

I have downloaded the Cubase 11 trial version from the website. When I start Cubase - it says - NO VALID LICENCE FOUND. Then when I click on start activation process - it goes to E Licencer. Where I insert the code which I got from the email. There it says CURRENTLY THERE IS NO USB E LICENCER CONNECTED TO YOUR COMPUTER. Some times after lots of trials - it gets activated, however there is no “DOWNLOAD license” option in my console. What to do?

Shrii Devs

If you are using the Cubase pro demo or I think Artist as well you need to get the usb licence to put the licence on.

Thanks for the help. Can you tell me how to get one? Isn’t there any way to get a descent copy of Cubase for trial before buying it?

Actually getting tired and planning to uninstall everything of cubase and shift to abelton if this issue persists. If its that hard to get an trail copy…

You should be able to download Cubase elements to trial it without the usb elicenser. This link explains which Cubase to get and states that you can only get Cubase pro if you have a usb elicenser