License cannot be found, please help!

I had purchased Dorico 3.5 ( Order Number : 216604283 Order Date** : 11/15/2021), and upgraded to Dorico 4 in 2021.

I had not used Dorico for a month, and when I started it I get the message saying no license was found. I did not change my computer, but I may have accidentally delete some files due to a misunderstanding of OneDrive.

When I tried to activate again using the activation code I received at purchase I get the message that the code has been used already and can be used only once. Under the “Steinberg download assistant” I do not see any products under “My product downloads”.

Please let me know what could possibly wrong and how i can reinstall my license for Dorico 4.

Thank you

My guess is that you never verified the upgrade - this is the process by which we mark that the old licence (in the eLicenser system) has been upgraded to a new licence (in the Steinberg Licensing system). Can you try following the steps here?

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HI Richard,

thanks for the response. Unfortunately my activation says “No license found” (screenshot below),

This is bizarre since I used Dorico just a couple of weeks ago. I had upgraded to Dorico 4 in 2021 so unless something new was released I shouldnt be needing to verify anything?

My eLicenser still shows the Dorico 3.5 and the upgrade license:

In the Download Assistant I do not see Dorico listed at all.

Please let me know if you have any further thoughts on what could be wrong,

Thanks much

Is it possible that you have more than one Steinberg ID, and you are logged in to SAM with a different one from the one you used in SDA when you first ran Dorico 4?

Also, you say you might have deleted some files by mistake - if you sign out of SAM and then sign back in, does that help (that will refresh all of SAM’s data).

Problem solved.
You were right about the different email address. I had completely forgotten that I registered with a different account for the academic discount.
Thank you so much!