License cannot be upgraded?

I have received the email normally, and entered my activation code in the steinberg download assistant program. After clicking upgrade, it shows that the upgrade failed. Both computers were tested and the same problem occurred. But the strange thing is that my Cubase12 can be opened and used normally at this time. But the authorization of Cubase11 is still displayed in my elicenser control center program. How to solve it?

Updating from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 consists of two steps that happen when you enter the DAC:

  1. grants a temporary 30-day license for Cubase 12 using our new Steinberg Licensing system (which is why Cubase 12 is working for you)
  2. use an activation code (AC) to convert your existing Cubase 11 eLicenser license to “non-upgradeable” so it cannot be used again for an upgrade. Once this step has been done, the Cubase 12 license is confirmed as permanent.

It looks like the second step might be failing for you due to congestion on our licensing server. We’re sorry about that!

I would suggest that you wait a few hours and then retry inputting the DAC into Steinberg Download Assistant to complete this process.

In the meantime, you should be able to use Cubase 12.

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OK, I got it, my CUBASE12 is working fine. I can get a good night’s sleep. Thank you to the staff for your hard work

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Since the problem is solved for this person, and there are moany other threads on the same topic, Ill close this one.