License CB12 to 1 computer and dongle

I’m kind of happy with the new licensing system in the regards that I can record my band ex-tempore if they want to and because of that I would like to have the ability to have my studio-computer licensed all the time whilst beeing able to have one CB12-license on the dongle so that I can work on my home computer or my laptop without having to remember to de-license one or the other. I have been working on Cubase since version 5 and have gotten used to bringing the dongle with me whenever I go to my regular work onboard a cruise ship and being on the sea with my laptop and dongle but forgot to deactivate CB12 on either computer would be a really unpleasent surprise…

Getting a C12 license on the dongle will not happen, so you should set your expectations accordingly.

Look into off-line activation of C12, I have not tried it, so can’t speak to precisely how it works, but it seems to me this might be suitable as a backup license in the even of catastrophe on the cruise, assuming the cruise ship is not called the Titanic! (could not resist that!)

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Well you can use the C12 license on 3 different computers - which by my count covers what you want. Also you should still have an active C11 license on the dongle - it will show as not being upgrade-able, but it still will let you run C11 and below on an additional computer. You can safely open projects back and forth between 11 & 12.

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