License codes for the basic fx suite show as already used

Hi all,

Sorry to introduce myself with a problem but … :man_shrugging:

I bought a new UR22c interface and the licence codes for the basic fx suite and Steinberg plus show as already used when it try and register. The hardware, Cubase and Cubasis have all registered fine.

I’ve raised a support ticket #631372 on the 28th of May but I’m getting no response, not even an acknowledgment. I’ve also tried the support phone number but that keeps saying it’s “unavailable due to an incident” whatever that means?

I joined posted here this morning hoping for some insight but it appears my account was reset and the post was removed or lost.

How to I get help with this and what is going on with Steinberg support?

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

That might mean the product was sold, a user activated the license, and then returned the item to the dealer before you bought it, so Steinberg Support will tell you to check with them first. Have you already done that?

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Hi Steve,

It came from Amazon UK, so I suppose that’s possible,
spoke to Amazon and they referred me to the manufacturer or I could return it, only problem is they have no other stock until October.
Besides now I’ve registered the hardware and daw it’s essentially useless to anyone else if it’s returned.
It might be I have no other option, but I just can’t get any feedback from Steinberg to see if this is a resolvable problem.

TBHI was hoping one of the admins might be able to help or prompt the support team.

Actually have a look at this page:

It apparently discusses the issue you’re having.


Oh wow, you might just be a genius :star_struck:

I give that a try :pray:

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Thank you sooooooo much :pray:

Thanks to the link you found I’ve been able to activate the Basic FX suite.

I’m still not sure about the Steinberg Plus, I don’t even know what it is or where to look to see if that has been added or not, what with the two versions of licencing and the various download managers it’s all a little confusing.

Here’s what I have now, codes removed obviously.

Thanks again for all your help. :star_struck: :handshake:

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Thanks for the link,

Do you happen to know where that would be listed if it had been activated?

I don’t think there is a separate license. It appears to be freely downloadable content,.

Did you visit the page I linked?

Yes, thank you, I managed to get the fx suite registered and installed. :+1: