License Confusion - WTH Steinberg?

Does the HALion 6 license include previous HALion versions?
No, the HALion 6 license only covers HALion 6. Previously, HALion 5 also covered HALion 4 and HALion 3. Unfortunately this is not possible with HALion 6 > due to the switch from USB-eLicenser (dongle) > to Soft-eLicenser (license container on hard disk).

and then the confusing bit

On how many systems can I use HALion 6?
The Soft-eLicenser can only be used on one system at a time. The license > can be moved to the USB-eLicenser > though in order to use the license on different systems.

The implication is that while we should be able to access our hard work in the form our old Halion Custom libraries - this is not possible due to all the usual corporate-protectorate BS…? :unamused:

It gets worse… :exclamation:

If you need a separate HALion Sonic 2 license to use HALion Sonic 2 on a separate system, please get in touch with the support via MySteinberg

Since one is not allowed to use both HS2 & HS3 on the same USB dongle.

Crazily one is unable to contact support directly like … Presonus for example! … one must contact the dealer :exclamation: The additional license is a software code - just provide it via our MySteinberg accounts :question: :exclamation:

All this because Steinberg make a half-baked effort at moving away from the dongle whilst still thinking like dongles… :angry: