License disappeared from mysteinberg

Good afternoon folks - I got into a strange situation where my Dorico 3.5 pro license is stuck with a ‘deprecated’ soft-elicenser. No idea why it is ‘deprecated’ because Dorico seems to function fine and nothing strange shows on the elicense program. The problem is, today I’m trying to transfer the license to a new computer, and realized that my license together with the elicenser vanished from mysteinberg! So I can’t really reactivate my license because it’s not there, and I can’t re-register the old elicenser because it’s ‘deprecated’. I’m sure last time I used mysteinberg they are both there… Does anyone know what to do in this situation?


Welcome to the forum, @s-li. Are you on Windows? If so, try running eLicenser Control Center as administrator and then allow it to run its default maintenance tasks, and see whether that puts things right.

Thank you Daniel! I just tried what you said using the administrator account, and the situation seems to have gotten worse. Once I finished the process in the admin account and ran the elicenser again in the normal account, the elicenser now turns red with a status “Deactivated Soft-eLicenser”. So now I probably wouldn’t be able to use Dorico pro on my old computer, and the license is not returned to the mysteinberg site. If I try to re-register the elicenser on mysteinberg, I get the same ‘deprecated’ message…

Oh dear. Well, for the time being I’ll send you a time-limited activation code that you can use on your new computer to get you back up and running right away, but I recommend you contact our support team via the link at MySteinberg for help with the broader issue of the deprecated eLicenser on your old computer. Please check your private message inbox for the time-limited activation code.

Thank you Daniel! A temporary license is of great help while I deal with the support team. Hopefully we wouldn’t need to suffer from this licensing system in the near future.

Thanks again for your prompt help!

The support got it sorted out! Now I have my permanent license on the new computer :grin: Thank you Daniel for all the kind help!