License error in cubase - A required license has been disabled


I purchased Absolute 4 about six months ago & Vibrant about 1 month, I never had any license issues until recently when I downloaded free versions of Engine Roar, Guitar Harmonics, Novel Piano & Alto Glockenspiel.

I’ve recently been getting the following sporadic Elicenser error messages for Vibrant & Olympus choir even though I own both licenses & both are registered.

“A required license has been disabled. Please verify your local date settings and start the “eLicenser Control Center” to validate the license.”

Can someone please help me fix this issue?

Many Thanks

I get these kind of this randomly, too. Lately it’s for Halion Symphonic Orchestra which I purchased about 6 months ago. I though I had a bad eLicenser, so I bought a new one… same thing…

Occasional license errors continue… sometimes it’s this, sometimes it’s that… I bought a new eLicenser, but it continues…

Halion Symphonic Orch - License error

I don’t know what’s up with that, but since you didn’t metion it I thought I’d ask – did you do what the dialog says?

Every time it happens, I close Cubase, open the eLicense Controller and run the maintenance. I don’t have any programs that I don’t own. No demos… nothing… I own HSO.

But the dialog says to check your date settings, doesn’t it?

There is nothing in the dialog that means anything about other programs owned or not owned.

I also get this message now and then.

eLicenser needs to know what time it is?
The assumption is that your demo has expired. If I own the software, it shouldn’t care what time it is.
Also, it comes up with different license errors each time - maybe Groove Agent, maybe HSO, maybe one of the items included with Cubase, like Pop Rock Toolbox or whatever.
Halion Sonic 2.x Content

Rock Pop Toolbox

I don’t know what the Elicenser system needs. I don’t assume anything about that.

I suppose it could also be a USB port issue.

Since you’re in the USA, you probably should check with tech support.