License error. No valid license found for: Halion

I am using Cubase 6.5
I don’t use Halion. Every time I start up Cubase, I get this message.
License error. No valid license found for:
HALion Sonic SE HSO Factory Presets 01

And when I load up a project, I get long list of instruments that cannot be loaded.

Please help me get rid of both errors!

Uninstall the Halion Sonic Orchestra (HSO) VST Sound Instrument Set demo.

Thanks. Just as I sent it, I looked in Programs. I am uninstalling now. Doh. Should have thought of it earlier.

Its really quite easy.

  1. Open your Mac Library in finder window.

  2. Access the application support window.

  3. click on Steinberg then contents then vst sound.

  4. Remove the file FCP_SMT_027_HSO_Presets_01.vstsound

Halfway there, now…

  1. back to the Steinberg folder

  2. then Halion folder

  3. then remove the VST Sound - HSO folder

works like a charm. I restarted Cubase and no more warnings !!!

I have the same problem but I do use halon. My license for the symphonic orchestra has expired, now I want it of my system and I don’t know how. Now even my topic has been deleted from the forum.

So, how do I remove if from a windows environment ? Just the symphonic orchestra and keep the rest ??? I use Cubase 6.5

It was just moved to the correct forum, it seems…