License for Cubase SX3

I bought Cubase SX3 long ago. I still have the installation disk. I also have two USB e-licensers(dongles).

When I bought Cubase9,The license or th SX3 ws removed from my products, as the Cubase 9 license was suppose to also be usable for SX3. However this turn out only to be true as long as SX3 runs on my Windows 8 PC.On the original XP PC, it simply does not work.

Therefor I want to install the SX3 license on the 2nd USB dongle that have, for use on the XP PC.

The question is now, where do I get the license for the SX3?

Answer depends on if you purchased your Cubase 9 license outright or if you purchased it as an upgrade from SX3.
If you purchased CB9 outright then a separate license for CB9 and SX3 would appear in the eLCC. In this case you could easily move either license onto a 2nd USB dongle.

If you purchased the upgrade from SX3 to CB 9 then only the CB9 license will appear in the eLCC. This is probably the case as you mentioned that the SX3 license does not appear in the eLCC. In this case you have one license that will allow you to use previous versions. Not two separate licenses.

If you really want to use your SX3 with your 2nd USB dongle you would have to purchase another full license.

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