License for GA SE5 was fine but now not available

So I am having this issue with GA SE5 as part of my C12 installation. Everything was working fine, but no longer.
Actually, when I first load Cubase, I can use GA SE5, but after a few minutes it stops working and says license not available, Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information.
When I open SAM, it shows Cubase 12 is activated.

Any thoughts as to why? Is it because of crappy internet?
How do I fix this?

I have a similar problem, i have cubase 12 and halion 7 activated but not GA Se5.
If i find a solution i wil let you know.

GA SE5 is included in the Cubase 12 license.

Could this be due to unlicensed downloaded content?

As has been repeated ad infinitum, Steinberg products don’t phone home once they have been activated.

Like I said Steve, everything was fine and I have been using this setup for months at home, and now only thing I have changed is I am not at home and now this error is coming up.

Yeah, but what’s the exact error? There is no separate license for GA SE

Please post the screenshot of the message.

The exact message is “License not available, Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information.” This appears on the GA Se5 window while it is darkened and only this message can be seen and no features accessed.
The kit I was using is Walking While Sleeping.
Now, as I try to get a screenshot it works again, today we had some better internet service.
Same project that I was using, no changes, just internet availability.
According to NetLimiter, Cubase sent and received 105 bytes.

After updating to 12.0.60 I experienced the same issue: when I opened the window of Groove Agent, all the window was black, saying the license is not available, and switch to Steinberg Activation Manager.
I quitted Cubase, opened Steinberg Activation Manager and Steinberg Download Assistant (everything was correctly installed and licensed), and then I restarted my macbook pro.
After restarting, Groove Agent worked fine, no more problems from that day.
So maybe there is a bug related with this update and groove agent license?

Not working again. … Very, very strange.

Well it seems to have overcome the problem mysteriously
And as of today at about 3 pm. I dont think i had any input to this fix though? I did reinstall cubase at one point.
Hope it works for you.

I would try to go to the Steinberg Download Assistant and install GASE5 from the Cubase Pro 12 section.
And also the content again.

Ok, I guess the only option is to uninstall.
Cubase not calling home is complete BS.

Please contact Steinberg Support to get this sorted. Something about your system (e.g. third party security software) is causing the license check to fail. This check is done locally by the Steinberg Activation Manager; Once the license for your product is successfully activated, an internet connection is never required.

Please also make sure that the latest version of Groove Agent SE 5 is installed. An update with numerous stability improvements was recently released.

Aside from the embedded web browser in the Hub which loads web content, and which can be disabled, it doesn’t.

They have stated this explicitly, and repeatedly, in official documentation.

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