License for Hypersonic V1.0 included?

Hello everyone,

I’ve researched this topic a bit and I know that buying HalionSonic means you get a license for Hypersonic 2.

Last year I purchased a copy of Hypersonic 1 from eBay and the seller sent me an empty dongle. It’s been almost a whole year and I’m still trying to get him to copy the license from his old computer to the empty dongle he sent with the install discs but I keep getting excuses from him.

I’m hoping that if I buy HalionSonic then I will be able to use that license to run this old version of Hypersonic. Does anyone know whether version 1.0 will run with the HalionSonic license? I am hoping to work on old sessions from 2005 that were created in a studio that used that VST instrument.

Many thanks!

to get him to copy the license from his old computer to the empty dongle

From his old computer? Not possible … Hypersonic 1.0 requires ALWAYS an USB eLicenser … NEVER a SofteLicenser. It seems he does not own a license from this point of view.



Thanks for the information! At least I know now I can stop hassling him to transfer me a license that doesn’t exist…

Any idea whether the license that comes with HalionSonic will work for this copy of Hypersonic 1.0, or does that only work for 2.0?

Well I know for a fact my Halion Sonic 1 licence automatically gave me a licence for Hypersonic 2. And I’ve been needing a copy of Hypersonic 1 installation dics for the looooongest time!!! I was advised that the licence give you authorization for both Hypersonic 1 and 2. I know it works for 2 but I NEEEEED! version 1!

I received an email from support stating that a HALion Sonic 2 also allows the operation of both versions of Hypersonic - just in case anyone else out there was wondering about that.

(I guess I should have emailed support before trying the boards, although I thought Steinberg staff might’ve replied here first!)

adamvee I was wondering if support also said something about the use of the extra hypermodules (US-1 Ultra Synthesizer, GP-2 Grand Pianos and NB-3 Tonewheel Organ)?
I own an original Hypersonic 2 license + NB-3. I also own a Halion 5/Halion Sonic 2 license, but I only see the NB-3 module.
For the record, I know, loading 2 instances of Hypersonic will show all hypermodules.

I think i may have a copy of this disc if you want it…

So let me ask this, if I have a copy of a Hypersonic 1 or 2 Demo CD, will it allow me to install those demos and it recognize my HS2 license and activate the demos, making them fully functional? Just curious.

Does anyone still have a spare disk by chance of either Hypersonic 1 or 2 or have it for sale? Also, there’s so many conflicting stories about this, it should be more clear. I know someone said support said this and someone else said support said that but how do we know this is for sure? I wish Steinberg would clear this up once and for all, officially. I want to use Hypersonic 2 legally and there’s no way to purchase it from them. It’s the most pirated piece of software, and the people using those versions have no worries yet I’m stressed out wondering if I’d be doing something wrong using the Halion license to operate it. It goes to show, copy protection is doing nothing to the people pirating software and overly stressing honest people that want to support the company. If it was clear we could eliminate all these forum posts all the time and all these requests to Steinberg support, which ironically is probably costing Steinberg a lot of money.

If you purchase Halion Sonic, you can get all of the previous licenses. I bought a second hand educational version off eBay and registered it and the licenses showed up on my Steinberg Key for Hypersonic 1, Hypersonic 2, Halion, and Halion Sonic.

I am still looking for same info. I own Halion 5, which also has HalionSonic2 with it. So can I use Hypersonic as well?

If yes, I must probably contact Steinberg support for getting the installaion disk/download link.


Halion Sonic 3/Halion 6 and Halion Symphonic Orchestra already include almost all of the Hypersonic 2 content in higher quality, with more samples across the keyboard, much more velocity layers and many articulations. The worst sounds have been replaced with Yamaha Motif XF sounds.

Using Hypersonic is no longer necessary for anything beside the synth presets, but they sound pretty dated.