License Groove agent SE5 not found (cubase artist 12)

Hello everyone

I’ve purchases cubase artist 12 (with download acces card).
This includes groove agent SE5 but every time i run the program and want to use a drumloop
it says; no license found.
I’ve downloaded everything again but it still doesn’t work.
I need an activationcode for the elicenser but can’t find it anywhere.
I just recieved a download acces code when i bought it.
Anyone knows how to fix this problem so i can use groove agent correctly?


The Groove Agent SE license is part of Cubase Artist, so if Cubase is running, you have the required license.

Probably what you are seeing is a message about a missing content license.

What precisely is the message?

Hello Steve

I can run groove agent SE5 but i cant load any kits.

The message no license found appears if i click on them.
The content was included in the download. It’s visible in the library manager also but i cant use it.

It’s because you don’t own them.

You own everything that can be downloaded from the Cubase Artist 12 section of the Download Assistant. Anything else, like the preset you tried to load is available to buy, eg, Blues Essentials for Groove Agent | Steinberg

So i have to buy them? it’s just groove agent se5 that came with cubase 12 artist but no content?
I thougt that there were some kits available with the purchase of cubase12.
Ok, that explaines a lot!
Thx for the help Steve!

No. Please.