License hell

Hi, have Dorico 4 on 3 computers. Today migrated Wavelab to the new licensing system. SAM hanged, reinstalled SAM, installer hanged etc. Finally after an hour and trashing Licensing engine app got it working and signed in to activate Wavelab. Somehow Dorico got unactivated in the process and now I get the message, all activations used, so can’t activate it.


If you send me a private message with the Steinberg ID email address associated with your Dorico 4 and WaveLab licenses, I should be able to help.

Isn’t Wavelab still an e-Licenser thing? I mean, it’s the only reason I still have an USB Licenser…

WaveLab 11.1 introduces support for Steinberg Licensing, and is a free update for existing WaveLab 11 users.


Thanks! I didn’t know that! How come they did not send a mail and I get to know this on the Dorico forum ? :person_shrugging:

I saw it on the Wavelab forum. No mail either.


You should find a voucher if you log in to your Steinberg account.

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Heads up: I eventually received that email today, while I updated to Steinberg licensing yesterday ^^
This forum is awsome.