License is not found, but present in eLicenser


I have problems with the activation of my Cubase 12 upgrade.
It says: “No license found”.
My eLicenser control (the most recent version) shows the Cubase 12 license
I followed the “More information” route, which was not applicable in my case.
A couple of days ago I submitted a support ticket and still have not heard anything from Steiberg.

What other steps can I take to get it started?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase 12 license is not handled by eLCC, so you cannot se Cubase 12 in your eLCC. Could you describe your issue properly to be able to help, please?

Problem is solved.
I just spoke someone from Steinberg via phone.
I made a mistake with using the wrong accounts.
Thank you

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