License issues

Ok, I have a working eLicense that came with Cubase 6 when I originally purchased it. It’s still working fine on my desktop and I have upgraded to 6.5 since I bought it at the right time and then later, paid for the upgrade to 7 which is what I’m running now.

I just bought a laptop and installed Cubase 6 from the disk as I need to in order to upgrade to 6.5 and need 6.5 for my 7 upgrade. Since 7 is just an upgrade, I cannot install it directly. thing is, my eLicense no longer has the Cubase 6 activation key and I lost that paper it was on. The EL only has the 7 activation code on it.

So I guess my question is; is there a way to get my Cubase 6 code again? On My Steinberg’s site, I only see the Cubase 7 code and a Wavelab le code.

You don’t need another Activation code. The license is on the dongle. Install Cubase, plug in the dongle, and start Cubase.

That didn’t work. It worked when I was installing CB 6 on the laptop but when I go to open it, I get a message saying that no valid license for the product and it will stop now.

Are you using Cubase full or another version?

If it is the full version, simply plug in your Usb dongle and run Cubase.

It’s the full version. For whatever reason, when I try to open it on my laptop, it says there is no valid license. Both Cubase 6 and 7 run with the dongle flawlessly on my desktop.

Maybe I’ll try reinstalling.

Are you moving the USB dongle to the laptop? You should also install the latest version of elicenser:

Elicenser is updated and yes, I move the dingle to the laptop before attempting to open Cubase.

Weird. What happens if you try to open elicenser software on the laptop? Can you see your licenses there?

Did you install Cubase 7 or 7.5? A Cubase 7 license will not be enough to run 7.5 version.

There is no need to install older version just to upgrade. Install only the version you will need. Use a full installer for Cubase 7.

My Cubase 7 purchase was for an upgrade from 6.5. I don’t think it is the full installer package.

Doesn’t matter if you bought it as a full license or as an upgrade. You can always use the full installer to 7.0.5 and then an update to 7.0.7

There is no need to install 6, 6.5 or even 7.0.0 if you want to use only 7.0.7

Install only the 7.0.5 full package and the 7.0.7 update and you are good to go.

UGH! Steinbergs sight is so slow!

Ok, that second download in that link doesn’t seem to be anything. The first download link works like it should; after mounting the drive, it installs like it should until I get to the end. At that point, it asks for a second DVD to finish the installation. Since I don’t have one, it quits the installation at this final stage.

What did I do wrong?

download both ISOs:

DVD 1 · Cubase 7.0.5 (ISO Image) Mac & Windows · 5.2 GB
DVD 2 · HALion Sonic SE Content (ISO Image) Mac & Windows · 3.4 GB

Install the first one, and also the second one if you want everything (use winrar to extract files if you don’t want to “mount it”).

After that, install 7.0.7 update

Ok, Cubase finally instead in the laptop. the second package which I believe is a lot of halion Sonic se sounds will not install. When I click next after the first page, it says there are no operations to perform then closes. I know I need this because my projects are missing Halion sonic sounds even though it shows in the window the midi events.

Probably because there is no more need to update Sonic SE (maybe it was already updated when you installed Cubase 7 before this attempt).

And remember, Halion Sonic is a different software (with a different installer). The second ISO is for installing Halion Sonic SE. If you have a license for Halion Sonic (or Halion Sonic 2), you will need to download it.

Everything has been HS se. Sorry if I screwed up and caused confusion. That entire installation was weird. Reverence, Groove Agent and a few other things didn’t install at all even though during the installation it said it did. When Cubase loaded, there were several error messages letting me know what was missing.

So my guess here is that I’m just sort of screwed.

Well, you can uninstall everything and try again to see if helps.

Are you in touch with official support?

I wrote support back when I started this thread but have not received a response.

So, I got Cubase installed on the laptop. However, most of the virtual instruments are missing; no Groove Agent One, No Reverence, no Loop Mash and I think even some of the Halion Sonic se sounds are missing.