License key doesn't work when I upgraded to Cubase 4.5

I just installed my Cubase Studio 4 with its license key and it worked onto my new computer with windows 8.1 and it works fine. But then I checked the website for an update to it and I downloaded and installed the Cubase 4.5.2 version and now when I try and open it it says that there is no license key found and it cannot open it but I still have Cubase Studio 4.0.2 and it still works great when I open it. Was just wondering if anyone could help me by telling me how to upgrade my license key so that I can run the newer version?

Also I want to upgrade to Cubase 6 and I found an upgrade on amazon that would work but now I’m hesitant on whether I should buy it because I don’t want to buy it and it won’t recognize the license key. Was wondering if I buy it new off of amazon will it have an activation code and whether it would work if I bought it and upgraded it?

Cubase 4.5 was paid update.

You’d need to obtain a license activation code that does exactly match the upgrade path you want to take.

So in your case, you’d need an upgrade license that

  • allows to upgrade your “Cubase Studio 4” license
  • that will result in a “Cubase 6” license.

As Cubase licenses do support all previous versions, you could also choose an upgrade path that resulted in a Cubase version newer than Cubase 6. For example, a “Cubase 7” license does also support Cubase 6, Cubase 5, Cubase 4 etc.