License Key error issue with vst connect performer

Yes can you tell me how to get a license issue on my elicenser corrected ?
i bought the iPad Pro wifi enable and i bought and paid for, vst connect pro in the apple app store~I can’t connect to vst connect pro ~via my Daw Cubase 8.5.0 ?

I have been currently and still using Cubase 8.5.0
so i update my elicenser and i go to use my Daw, and it tells me eLicenser Control-Error
Connect a valid eLicenser Click cancel to abort , so now this is permanently on my eLicenser ,this error so then i go to my steinberg and it tells me i don’t own some software for vst connect pro :blush: so i need to fix error or how do i reset my licence key i am not buying more software at this time Thank you Mark Padilla .
Screeny Shot Feb 19, 2016, 7.44.46 PM.jpg

I would like to thank “no one” your help here is terrible i fixed my issue on my own
not a single person tried to help i seen 16 people viewed my post wow talk about rude people here at Cubase Forum…

People are pretty helpful here. actually. I read your post and could not make heads nor tails of it. Speaking only for myself, I did not know what to say.