License Key not working

Hi guys,

I just bought a brand new Cudase 6 and at the time of registering it I realized the License Key wasn’t working. It won’t work on any USB port on ANY computer. The LED on the key won’t light up, so I’m guessing the key doesn’t work. Have u guys experienced anything like that? I’d really appreciate some help. :wink:

The key must be a dud or damaged, ask your dealer/distributor to replace it, they should do so.
You do have the option of buying one yourself which might save some time…googling for ‘syncrosoft key’
will probably find one easily.
I have’nt had any experience with this kind of problem personally though.


Sounds like you have a duff key.

Return it to the retailer for a replacement.

Buying a new key will not necessarily solve your problem as it won’t have a licence on it and, since you haven’t been able to register the licence on the broken key, there will be nothing to transfer to the new one.