License malfunction. How to remove a not working license?


A year or two ago I downloaded the Yamaha Compressor 260. There was the Trial License for it, I believe.

Several days ago I bought and downloaded it, a file from Steinberg Download Assistant, named Compressor 260 1.2.6 Installer which seems to be a non-Trial version, on the contrary –– the right one. Of course, I entered into eLicenser Control Centre the new Activation Code which was sent to my email immediately I bought the product.

My system (WaveLab, Nuendo) tells me to “Buy License” (see attached). Hitting that button directs me to a non-existent internet site, and there’s nothing to do about it.

My guess is that eLicenser treats the right version of the plug in as the Trial one. I’d gladly uninstall the plugin and the license and pass the new Activation Code again but there seems no such possibility. There’s no chance that you could remove a license from eLicenser Control Centre, regardless what Steinberg writes in its manual.

What do I do? The product is very old and maybe forgotten by Yamaha, along with its codes. No?

Thank you

What shows in the eLCC, an updated permanent license or still the expired trial license? Was the activation code accepted properly?

A screenshot of your eLCC might help (just make sure to blur any important info like eLicenser numbers).


The license is definitely the new one, not Trial. And yes, it was accepted properly.

When I later tried to re-instate the new license in several attempts, the eLCC would always start accepting it only to abandon the procedure nearly immediately claiming it already has the code (see the pic).

I’ve got a hunch that if I were able to remove any license pertaining to the Compressor 260 and reinstall it from scratch, everything would’ve been just fine. Bet it’s impossible to remove a license since it’s in the USB.

Or, since this Yamaha thing is really old, no one cares about its installation and all today.

Here are the screenshots, hope it clears the situation.

It definitely seems as if you have the proper “full” license. Did you run maintenance in the eLCC app?

If that doesn’t do it, I think I’m out of ideas and an official support request might be in order.

Is it the same in both Nuendo and WaveLab?

Yes, my fried, i did run maintenance.

And yes, both Nuendo and WaveLab.

Anyways, thank you.

You’re welcome. I hate to see people having problems.

This really does sound like a case for an official support request.

Thanks, anyway, for providing such detail.

Good luck! I feel for you, man.

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