License Missing

I have used Dark Planet for many years now.
But now it says License Missing
Plase can some one help me?

This should be on your USB-eLicenser.

What’s “Dark Planet”?

I guess it’s an instrument from Steinberg…

You need to make sure that whatever licence enables Dark Planet is available on your system.

A standalone Dark Planet licence will work, as will an Absolute licence. Nuendo does not include Dark Planet amongst the bundled content. I cannot think of any other Steinberg products that include Dark Planet, but perhaps it is included with some Steinberg hardware.

I think it is not questionable if he has a licence.
I think his/her problem is that the licence is not available on the eLicenser.

Agreed. I was just pointing out that the licence problem is not with the OP’s Nuendo licence, as a Nuendo licence does not authorise Dark Planet.

Thank you
I have Absolut 4 and Dark Planet is included.
I have run the Perform Maintenance task in eLicenser Control Center.
Every thing there is OK
The USB eLicenser stick is in the PC and it reads Absolute 4 and Nuendo 11
It seems OK.
Halion 6 and Halion sonic is working

Everything worked for two weeks ago.
I did a windows update for one week ago.
Is that the problem?

Could be, but it’s hard to say.

Did you solve the problem?

I have the same Problem with Cubase and Dark Planet.


Halion Sonic SE update to Version 3.5.10 fixed the license Problem.

After that it ran into this problem:

If you open dark planet with HALion Sonic (SE) everything should work.