License not recognised

I have Cubase Pro 10. I have been trying to get VST connect to work.
I downloaded updated version of Steinberg Download Assistant.
I downloaded VST Connect Pro 5.6 however when I try open VST Connect , I get a message 'No Valid Licenses Found"
Under My Products I can see the License is there and is activated.
For some reason it is not being recognised.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You have to own dedicated license for VST Connect Pro. Did you activate the Trial version?

VST Connect (no Pro) is part of Cubase license.

Hi Martin
Thank you for your reply.
As VST Connect was’nt working I read that I needed to update to VST Connect 5.6 which I did.
Even when I try open VST Connect (no Pro) it says “No valid License found”


Sorry, I’m not sure, if any VST Connect (SE?) license is compatible with the old Cubase Pro 10. I would install the one, which is in the Cubase Pro 10 folder in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

VST Connect 5.6 may well not work with Cubase 11 or earlier, as VST Connect 5.6 has moved to Steinberg Licensing. It might be that VST Connect 5.5 is the last version that will recognise eLicenser licences for Cubase or Nuendo, though I endorse your advice to stick with the version showing on Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Hi Martin
I’m not sure what you mean.
What do you suggest I install from Cubase Pro 10? There does’nt seem to be any Cubase 10 folder.
There’s a VST Cloud folder that has VST Connect Pro(SE) or VST Connect Pro(SE) 4.

Hi David
Thank you for your reply,
There’s no VST Connect 5.5 in the Steinberg Download Assistant.,Only 4 or 5.6
I have installed 4 and 5.6 and neither of them work.
I keep getting “No valid License found” which I find strange because I do have a valid license which is in My Products.


How does it look like in you Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

A wider variety of versions, including 5.5, is available on the Steinberg website.

That webpage implies that VST Connect 5 requires a minimum of Cubase/Nuendo 11, though I would try 5.5 and 5.0. It might be the last build of VST Connect 4 is your only option and if that no longer works, it is possible that Steinberg has dropped support for VST Connect 4; all versions of Cubase before Cubase 11 are no longer supported. However, the list of supported products just says “VST Connect”, not “VST Connect 5”.

Hi David
Thanks for the heads-up.
I’m guessing that’s why I could’nt get VST Connect to work.