License Problem

I have a problem with my eLicencer.
I have bought Cubase 6.5 and activated it on my eLicencer.
With the special offer, i have upgraded free to Cubase 7. But the upgrade process has erased the C6 license, changing it in the C7 license.
Now if I try to start Cubase 6, it says that there isn’t a valid license file.

It’s a normal behaviour?


Already updatet to the latest version of the e-Licenser software…?

Yes, but if I go in the “My Steinberg” section of the official site, where I have registered everything, I have only the “Cubase 7”

That’ s normal if you updated, (since thats what an update does: update the license), nevertheless, all older versions will run, as long as the elicenser software if up to date.

I have reinstalled the eLicencer software (although was already the latest version) and now I can use my Cubase 6.5!