License Question

I have purchase an 6.5 upgrade for my cubase 4.

The Cubase 4 was loaded on a PC running XP and the upgrade is now loaded on my laptop and working perfectly.

When I move the dongle from the laptop to the PC it is no longer recognised by the PC running Cubase 4. I hope I can use both because my PC is running fine with Cubase 4 and I dont want to upgrade until I can afford a new PC with Windows 7 and more RAM.

If the license doesn’t cover both can I buy another one fro Cubase 4 still?


You should be able to use your Cubase 4 with the 6.5 license.
Have you updated your eLicenser software on the XP machine?

Well I tried!
Once I installed the latest elicencer software (plus an updated .net framework) the usb elicencer could not be recognised! I had to do a system restore to get it to work again.

Could you suggest an ‘old’ version which I could use which would work which is compatible with SP1 XP?

The elicencer recognises the new cubase 6.5 licence plus a hard drive stored soft licence whatever that is? It seems that my PC doesnt have the soft licence installed on its hard drive?

Sorry - but this is confusing!

It should work!

The 6.5 licence covers C4 as well, your issue on the older machine is the licence software, I’d try again to update the old machines licence software, starting with Netframework, update that to version V3.5 sp 1 then update the dongle software from the elicence site.

Does anyone know if the elicencer software will work with an older .Net framework - I have .Net 1.1?

Will steinberg not send me a left over Dongle from the older days if I ask them?

Can I buy one on eBay?

If I download .Net 3.5 then I need Service Pack 2 and so the cycle continues!

I just want to keep my system the same - it works really well!!

XP and service pack 2 work fine, its the elicence software that needs .net 3.5 sp1 and that will also work fine.

OK We are loaded up and licenced!

But now Cubase 4 is missing its Skin and GUI interface and won’t run at all!

I loaded up Cubase 6.5 to see what happened and it works - up to the point where the computer completely freezes and needs to be restarted!!

Any ideas anyone - is it the fact I am on XP?

XP isn’t supported, no support for you. Next! :smiling_imp:

I’m glad that’s out of the way then.

Trash Prefs for both apps.

Make sure the Cubase app is in the correct folder on your hard drive. :wink:

Sorry but I don’t know what this means.

How do I trash prefs?

Which folder should the app be in?

Sorry for being not a computer expert.