License rescue wizard for soft-eLc activated Dorico users.

The soft-elicenser file is stored as a file in your system volume / partition. In any case that you forgot to register your soft-elicenser to your MySteinberg account (I strongly suggest you to register it) but having your MacBook pro water-spilled, check the following steps:

Step 1: If your MacBook Pro model is not older than late-2016, check Step 3; If retina models before mid-2016, check Step 2; Otherwise, check Step 4.

Step 2: Contact Apple Care to back up your entire system volume / partition. Note that the SSD module is switchable so things may become easier. Water spill generally won’t hurt your SSD module in most cases.

Step 3: Contact Apple Care to back up your entire system volume / partition. Note that the SSD chips are soldered on the logic board (except 13-inch Non-touchbar model, referring to Step 2) and your SSD may fail together with the logic board.

Step 4: All non-Retina MacBook Pro models are having their standard 2.5-inch SATA drive swappable. Since these models are less likely to get serviced by Apple… In any case of having lost the warranty, you could simply uninstall the hard drive (according to instructions from iFixit website) and install it into an 2.5-inch SATA drive enclosure (better using USB 3.x enclosures for sufficient & stable power supply, or your hard drive may get perished) and use Time Machine to restore it to your new MacBook Pro.

Step 5: After using Time Machine to migrate your system to the new computer, run the eLicense Control Center and you may get prompted to maintenance your soft-eLicenser. Do this and your Dorico license will be available. If not, then this license is dead. Unless you registered your soft-elicenser to your MySteinberg account prior to this case happened, leading to the solution that you could recall a new license through your MySteinberg account (according to applied policies from Steinberg).

Step 6: Regardless the model of your MacBook Pro. As long as you have a Time Machine backup generated after your most-recent activation of Dorico, you could use this Time Machine backup to rescue your Dorico license as well, according to Step 5.